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Our dream is to change the construction industry.

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“What is our company’s core reason for being, and where can we have a unique, positive impact?” Now more than ever, we need right answers to these questions. And luckily we have them. Just scroll down, we’ll tell you all about it.

We believe the construction industry requires true social innovation. It’s not a choice - it’s a must.

Like many countries these days, the Netherlands has a knowledge-based economy. As a result thousands of manual labour jobs in the construction industry are being filled by foreign workers. But how humane is it to pull people out of their own social environment, simply because we don’t have enough professionals ourselves who can do our jobs? If you ask us, it’s not. And that is why we think the industry needs a robot revolution.

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Our aim is to make the shared dream come true through co-create

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At BIM4Production we’re mixing your brilliant ideas with our world-class technology. Let’s create something great together.

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    Dream We’ll go on a journey together to change the construction industry.
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    Think Co-creation boils down to one thing: we need your thoughts and ideas.
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    Do! BIM4Production is where innovations are born, incubated and scaled. Join us.

We are not a typical IT firm like you may be familiar with.

We know that many companies claim that they are different, but with us, this is truly the case. That’s because in everything we do and say, we keep our own guiding principles in mind. Vulnerability. Forgiveness. Trust - because a team without trust isn’t really a team.

For us, respect, openness and transparency are prevailing. We understand that long-term relationships with colleagues, customers and partners sometimes have highs and lows. Making mistakes is allowed, as long as we learn from them. We try to help each other in doing so as much as possible. And we are only scratching the surface of what we can accomplish together.

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Our aim is to make the shared dream come true through co-create

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