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Elements app

Digitally accessible production data for every unique element

Digital production data available for both the workshop and the construction site.

The Elements App operates based on each unique element, allowing the project to fade into the background. Through the BIM4Production platform, a 3D model at the project level is automatically divided into producible elements. You can view these elements through the secure native Elements App on your phone, tablet, and Windows PC, making them accessible anytime and anywhere.

Linked 2D PDF drawings, documents, and images provide all the necessary information for the workshop, creating a digital workshop environment. Workshop personnel can independently add information via the Elements App by making digital annotations directly on the PDF drawing or by adding photos.

More about the Elements app

With our software you can efficiently manage your planning, production and logistics from 3D BIM models.

Those BIM models are in fact the heart of our solution, which we enrich with production information and status updates. In other words: our software uses BIM models as a source for planning and machine operation.

Your results with our software are promising.
To start you can efficiently plan multiple projects and multiple drawing offices in one intelligent, visual and also very flexible planning system. After all, your planning is always dynamic and never static. Because the software uses BIM models to control your machines, you can also improve and optimize your production process - whether you produce wooden elements, concrete elements, (parts of) bathrooms, window frames or facades. That is because it helps you produce what is needed when it’s needed - not what is planned. And to top it off our software helps you with your transportation.

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Because planning is the core of our solution, everything you need is available in our intelligent software. For example, you can visually manage your project planning over multiple phases and manage multiple drawing offices and engineers at the same time. And that’s not all. By using our long-term capacity planning on both product and production you can end the spreadsheet chaos. And with our visual production planning over multiple locations and production phases you get a glance at what’s going on - realtime.

  • Visual planning - the key to great usability
  • A complete solution for planning your projects, capacity and production
  • The most innovative planning system


Our software offers you a detailed production export based on each production phase. It also supports multiple output formats that provide whatever production machines you have - lasers, plotters and / or robots - with correct and detailed information. Of course these formats are placed in the right sequence - you’d expect nothing less. Other unique features are an element track and trace system with status updates and a modern app suite where you can find all detailed production information.

  • Detailed information about every production phase
  • Production output formats for every type of machine
  • Many other unique features


After planning and production, there is one more thing of utmost importance: transportation. In our software there are three key elements that help you execute the smart logistics your clients ask for. First you can assemble your order planning. Of course our software also handles your transport planning and routing. And as the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, our software shows the transport status based on your actual production. Your products are always delivered just in time - and that’s just what you want.

  • Assembles your order of planning
  • Helps with the transportation planning and routing
  • Shows the transportation status based on actual production
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