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Let’s automate your production with BIM.

With our software you can efficiently manage your planning, production and logistics from 3D BIM models.

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We don’t just implement software. Developers and stakeholders are a team.

Diversity breeds creativity. That is why co-creation brings game-changing benefits. For us, but more importantly: for you and the entire construction industry. Your thoughts, needs and desires will be expressed in every detail of our software.

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Our software shows the BIM models of your ongoing projects and intelligently extracts what you need for production, such as walls or floors. You can also efficiently plan the actual prefabrication, because the software determines the most ideal prefabrication sequence.


After that per table a planning is made. On each table the layout of the wall or floor is mapped in 3D. Our software then communicates with your robots and tells them exactly what they need to do.


Tight construction sites, shorter lead times of construction projects and tougher budgets: the construction world requires smart logistics. Our software ensures that all prefabricated walls and / or floors are transported to the right location as efficiently as possible, "just in time".

BIM optimization

BIM optimization

You have access to a single source of information for every part of the prefabrication.

Efficient planning

Efficient planning

You can easily track your production progress in one place: our software.

Improved production

Improved production

Because the prefabrication is automated, you produce faster and more efficiently.

Logical transport

Logical transport

Our software considers logistics an integral part of your production process.

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Our software changes the construction industry.

Our software bridges the gap between a 3D BIM model and prefabrication through automation. For us, this is the way to live up to our dream: a fully automated and industrialized production process in every factory in the world. Including yours. Let’s automate your production with BIM.


Our aim is to make the shared dream come true through co-create

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